FreshMenu Promo Coupons & Offers code : 30% OFF on FreshMenu Foods order

FreshMenu Promo Coupons & Offers code : 30% OFF on FreshMenu Foods order
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FreshMenu avails services in cities : Mumbai, Bangalore and Gurgaon. 

Last Updated: 31-Jul-18

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Fresh Menu Promos Code


We all had food cravings and love to have delicious and mouth-watering food, be it Mac ‘n cheese or an exotic platter of Peruvian food. Our appetite keeps craving for yummy delights that are slightly different from what we have every day. Of course, we all at some point get bored of having that regular food and wish to try a different taste on the tongue. For that reason, Rashmi Daga founded Fresh Menu, an online food ordering venture. There are lots and lots of restaurant, bars, and hotels are available in our nearby areas, however, to grab the tasty food, we need to step out of our comfy sofa. But, not now, because fresh menu is here to let you enjoy the tasty delights right at your comfy sofas. Looking at the new generation’s lifestyle, people don’t have much time to go home after a hectic day and cook something to eat, they just want ready to eat food without making any effort. This is where Fresh Menu’s services come in the mind. Just visit the website, add delicious food to your cart, apply Fresh Menu Promos Code, and get the order at your doorstep within 45 minutes. This is something like go-to-neighborhood food option that you can move-on for when you are damn hungry. The venture claims to deliver fresh and delicious food to let you enjoy the tasty meals effortlessly. Currently, fresh menu is serving in Bangalore, Delhi (Saket and Kalaji), and Mumbai (Powai, Worli, BKC, Goregaon) and is planning to expand its serving in top 10 cities in the upcoming year.

Fresh menu serves a range of fresh food in different categories namely:

  • All day breakfast
  • Mains and sides
  • Pizzas
  • Soups and salads
  • Quick bites
  • Desserts

Let’s check out what they have in the box for each category:

All day breakfast

  • Home Style Paneer Pesto Sandwich
  • Paneer bhurji bun
  • Cheesy Mushroom Frittata
  • British Big Brekky
  • Fresh Seasonal Fruits
  • Belgian hot chocolate
  • Power up fruit parfait
  • Coffee ripple cake slice
  • Nutty trail mix

Mains and sides

  • Porterhouse chicken steak
  • Shahi kofta rice bowl
  • Smokey BBQ chicken rice bowl
  • Gai pad krapow
  • Hong Kong noodles
  • Creamy spaghetti chicken Charcuterie
  • Thai basil chicken
  • Chipotle Lime Rice Burrito Bowl
  • High Protein Quinoa Broccoli Au gratin
  • Seasoned Potato Wedges
  • Hyderabadi Boneless Chicken Biryani
  • Shahi kofta and Laccha Paratha
  • Penne pomodoro
  • Chilli cheese toast
  • Lehsuni Methi Paneer ‘N’ Laccha Paratha
  • Aloo 65
  • Chilli chicken lollipop
  • Tori katsu
  • Kai yang chicken
  • Hakuna matata chicken burger
  • Jumbo chicken steak burger
  • Big Joe lamb burger


  • Ultimate veggie pizza
  • Peppy Paneer pizza
  • Three cheese mushroom pizza
  • Peri-peri chicken pizza
  • Barbeque chicken pizza
  • Chicken Havana pizza

Soups and salads

  • Japanese Crunchy Veggie Salad
  • Sprouts and Feta Salad
  • Chicken shashlik salad
  • Char Sui Chicken salad
  • Hot ‘N Sour chicken soup
  • Ancient grains ‘N squash soup

Quick bites

  • Fresh seasonal fruits
  • Belgian hot chocolate
  • Power up fruit parfait
  • Nutty trail mix
  • Paneer tikka wrap
  • Egg Paneer tikka wrap
  • Mix-veg wrap
  • BBQ Chicken club sandwich
  • Creamy chicken mushroom club
  • Creamy chicken tikka sandwich
  • Pulled roast chicken sandwich



  • Coffee ripple cake slice
  • Chocolate crackle
  • Gulab jamun creamcheese mousse
  • Irish coffee pastry
  • Lava cake in a jar

Apart from these, Fresh Menu also serves cuisines in different categories such as:

  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • American
  • Thai
  • Mexican
  • Continental
  • Mediterranean

Check out the menu served under each category:

Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine is a rich combination of taste, flavors, aroma, and spices, broadly classified as North Indian and South Indian food. Indian cuisine is open to try and add new tastes and flavors from around the world; thus, it is no surprise to find a twist in Indian palate. South Indian food alone has around 15000 unique types of dishes and desserts. The best food featured in Indian cuisine is Biryani, heavily influenced by regional flavors.

  • Shahi kofta rice bowl
  • Hyderabadi boneless chicken Biryani
  • Shahi kofta ‘N Laccha Paratha
  • Lehsuni methi Paneer ‘N Laccha Paratha
  • Sprouts and feta salad
  • Paneer tikka wrap
  • Egg Paneer tikka wrap

Chinese cuisine


Chinese cuisine serves a mouth-watering range of flavors, aromas, and styles. It is misinterpreted that Chinese food is bland and tasteless; you will be surprised to know that Chinese dishes can actually give your taste buds a yummy delight. Chinese cuisines are not just about the noodles and hot ‘n sour soup, but, it has a lot to serve. What adds flavor to the Chinese dishes are ginger, garlic, and chilly. They are combinely called as the holy trinity of Chinese cuisine. Soy sauce is another key ingredient that is added to give that delicious flavor to the dishes.

Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is mostly a combination of spices, vegetables, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, cheese, and dairy products. Spread across a primo, antipasto, formaggi-e-fruta, or a dolce, Italian cuisine is one of the most favorite tastes across the world. These dishes can be enjoyed without any specific occasion, though it can make your usual day a specific occasion. Pizza and pasta are the proof that Italian cuisine is popular in every nook and corner of the globe. Italian dishes are full of cream, spices, veggies, and flavors that can surely fill the empty tummy.

  • Creamy Spaghetti Chicken Charcuterie
  • Penne Pomodoro
  • Three Cheese Mushroom Pizza
  • Barbeque Chicken Pizza

American cuisine

American cuisine doesn’t have any specific flavor and way of cooking because 95% of the American population is of immigrants that brings the unique blend of taste and flavors. American cuisine is diverse, unique, homely, gourmet, spicy, casual, bland, and formal. The menu of American cuisine is myriad. Thus, it can be said that American dishes are brilliant combination of all the delicious recipes from different cultures. The most iconic American dishes are:

  • Hamburger
  • Cheeseburger
  • BBQ
  • Fried chicken
  • Macaroni and cheese

Thai cuisine


Thai cuisine is a cuisine of contrasts because the taste and flavor of dishes are borrowed from the best cuisines around the world, and imbibed into its own cooking style. Such as coconut milk and turmeric from Indian cuisine; fried noodles and soy sauces from Chinese cuisine; and corn, papaya, tomato, peanuts, pumpkins, and cilantro from Spanish cuisine. Thus, Thai cuisine has variations of cooking methods, flavors, and aromas.

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine is close to Indian flavors. Most of the Mexican dishes are served packed in lots of aromatic spices and herbs that appeal to taste buds. It also has a spread of fruits and veggies such as avocado, sweet potato, squash, mango, pineapple, tomato, and pineapple. Anyone who loves spicy food will surely love the taste, aroma, flavor, and spices of the Mexican cuisine. There are a variety of spices that are blended to add flavor to the dishes, such as Jalapeno, poblano, Serrano, and chipotle. Mexican cuisine has a myriad of dishes:

  • Mexican burrito bowl
  • Chipotle chicken burger
  • Habanero Mexican chicken burger
  • Tex-Mex cottage cheese fajita
  • Cottage baked bean fajita
  • Tex-Mex Caesar chicken salad
  • Baked bean sandwich
  • Rainbow burrito bowl
  • Chipotle chicken burger
  • Supreme quesadillas
  • Veggie bean enchilada
  • Chicken fajita wrap meal
  • Chicken fajita salad
  • Mexican potato skin pizza

Continental cuisine

Continental cuisine has flavors of fresh herbs and dairy products. The method used for cooking the food is usually stewing, grilling, and roasting so that vitamins and aromas of herbs and other ingredients remains within the food. Keeping the health concern in mind, continental cuisine is cooked using very little or no oil. Fermented dairy products and different variety of cheese are common in continental cuisines.

Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine doesn’t represent any particular ethnic culture, but, it is a shared legacy of culinary trends experienced by different groups living around the Mediterranean Sea, sharing border of Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Syria, Turkey, Israel, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco. Mediterranean salads are served in different yummy styles such as in creamy, spicy, fruity, tangy, and lemon flavors.

Aren’t all these facts and dishes are mouth-watering? Yes, right and of course, you want to grab it now to fulfill your food cravings. So, before ordering the food, don’t you want to check out the exciting fresh menu coupon code offers to avail great deals on your orders?

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Tired of long-hectic day and wish to have some fresh and yummy delights but, have no idea where to get from. Just take out your Smartphone, visit Fresh Menu website, add food and beverages to the cart, and proceed. If you are placing the order for the first time then before making the payment, get the coupon code of Fresh Menu to avail flat 30% off on your first order. Quite easy and quick way to get yummy food at your doorstep within just 45 minutes.

So, what are you waiting for, get the Fresh Menu Promos Code, apply it, and grab the delicious food right at your doorstep.