Buy SD Card, Memory Card, Micro SD Card Online

Buy SD Card, Memory Card, Micro SD Card Online
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Strontium 8GB Memory Card
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If you have a memory card in your mobile phone, you don’t need to stress over missing out on any critical information regardless of the possibility that your mobile crashes. Memory cards for mobiles available with various storage capacity from 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB or more, so as per storage compatibility of your mobile you can choose best one. If you need a memory card for storing pictures and your best songs on mobile, at that point one with a extra storage will be perfect. Then if you are not interested in storage of pictures then you may opt for limited storage capacity card. You can likewise look over other option, for example, microSD, microSDHC, and miniSD and miniSDHC. A large portion of the microSDHC cards are perfect with tablets, tablets and even cameras that help microSDHC organize, so exchanging photographs or recordings to outside gadgets won’t be a problem.

In August 1999, Secure Digital cards (SD card) were introduced by joint efforts of SanDisk Panasonic (Matsushita Electric) and Toshiba, both the companies were already established in the market segment. This small device was launched with an aim of making improvements over multi-media cards (MMC) and to meet the industry standard.

SD Association was also formed in January 2000 by the companies; the association is a non-profit organization that promotes and creates SD card standards.

Shop Online to Buy Memory Card

Online shopping has make buy product easier than ever before, anyone who is looking to buy memory card for their mobile and camera then he can choose the best online platform as per his interest and place their order easily, after the order confirmation respective company will deliver ordered product in one week. Top companies that manufacture this accessory are Transcend, Sony, Strontium, Samsung, SanDisk, Toshiba and several others. Online stores offer extra saving opportunity for customers.

Features to look for a Memory Card

While going to purchase a memory card, certain times the customer is left in confusion with a collection of acronyms and terminology. So, here is a short description of the symbols and terminology of the memory cards to let you pick the right one.


It is very important to look for the capacity factor of the cards, which measured in gigabytes with a minimum capacity of 1GB. As you move to larger capacity cards, the cost of it also increases. So, before making a final purchase, always look for the capacity and SD card price.


File system: SD/SDHC/SDXC

The capacity of micro card depends on the file system, SD, SDHC, or SDXC. However, make sure that the card is compatible with your device or not.

  • SD cards – such file system can store up to 2GB of data by using FAT12 and FAT16 systems
  • SDHC cards – This is the most preferred file system with high capacity of storage data ranging from 2GB to 32GB card using the FAT32 file system.
  • SDXC – This is the extended capacity cards holding a capacity between 32GB up to 2TB by using exFAT file system.

Transfer Speed

Transfer speed is another factor after capacity and file system that you need to check before purchasing the card. Transfer speed reads and writes the data faster especially while capturing large images and videos in burst-shooting modes. For example, 95 MBps (megabytes per second). Other cards use a marketing-inspired multiple, 200X. Thus, check out the actual speed with highest theoretical throughput for reading and storing data from the card.

UHS Bus Speed

Ultra high speed (UHS) is indicated using the Roman numbers on the card’s front side, which refers to how the data is relocated among the card’s pin and the hosting device’s connector.

UHS I – a single row of pins on the SD card’s back is used to transfer data up to a theoretical upper limit of 104 MBps.

UHS II – the second row of pins are used to bring performance with highest up to 312 MBps in half-duplex mode. Further, UHS II can also operate in full duplex mode that shuttles data for writing and reading to the card the speed of 156 MBps each.

UHS III – two rows of pins are used for conveying theoretical read throughput for a specific upper limit of up to either 312 MBps or 624 MBps in full duplex mode each. Also, make sure that UHS II and UHS III is compatible with your hosting device.

Speed class

A symbol having a number within a partial circle denotes the minimum speed at which the data is written to the card. For example, 2 for 2 MBps, 4 for 4 MBps, 6 for 6 MBps, and 10 for 10 MBps.

UHS Speed Class

Generally, SDXC memory cards come with ultra-high speed (UHS) rating that can be either 1 (10 MBps) or 3 (30 MBps) mentioned within a U-shaped logo. Although, don’t confuse yourself with UHS speed class and UHS bus speed as both are different terminology.

Video speed class

Look for a “V” icon for video-specific micro SD card and check out the associated number indicating the transfer speed or rate. Standard definition video can record without interruption of dropping frames to V6 (6MBps) and V10 (10 MBps) cards. Usually, a V30 card (30 MBps) can handle HD video streaming, but, for 4K video streaming, V60 (60MBps) might be a better option. Similarly, 8K video streaming gives a higher performance on a V90 card (90 MBps). However, only SDXC cards come with video speed class ratings.