Buy Mouse Online in India at low prices

Buy Mouse Online in India at low prices
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Normality, a mouse was a basic part of a PC. As technology is going ahead it is now quite easier for users to use touch pad as well. Although, a touchpad doesn’t offers extra comfort while using the mouse. Innovation has prepared for developments, thus you can purchase PC mouse in a few models. A prominent decision is purchasing a wireless mouse online. These are positive points that it resolves the issue of carrying wired devices. The interface you need to use to connect your mouse to your computer is what you want to choose. Pick a model that you are comfortable with, and one that you know will be perfect with your computer. These days, mouse is compatible with all workstations/desktops.

A mouse is a hand-held device that controls the cursor movements on a display screen. As the user moves the mouse, the cursor on the screen moves in the same direction. The mouse was originally invented by Douglas Engelbert in 1963 while working at Xerox PARC.

Today, mouse is considered as a significant device to access computer systems. Whether, it is a laptop or desktop system, you need a mouse to work on the system. However, as the technology is advancing, the market is full of virtual mouse software.

Types of Mouse

  1. Wired Mouse: This was the first mouse created along with desktop. This is the device that offers complete control over the desktop.
  2. Wireless Mouse: This is the latest creation of technology, and user can carry this product in their pocket and use them whenever they need to use.

Functions of a mouse:

  • Moving the cursor
  • Execute a program
  • Select
  • Drag and drop files
  • Scroll
  • Hover
  • Cut, copy, and paste files

Types of computer mouse


People choose wireless or cordless mouse for different reasons like it serves great portability, lesser clutter, more inputs, and are universal. Moreover, there are different types of wireless mice like:

Optical mouse – It is the first type to use infrared technology to execute functions of the computer system. The system tracks the red light on the bottom of the mice and functions as directed.

Radio frequency mouse – Such devices uses radio frequency technology to function. A RF transmitter is equipped inside the mice and the transmitter sends signals to the computer system to operate as directed.

Bluetooth mouse – It also uses infrared technology, but, the signals can be connected only to Bluetooth enabled devices like printers, tablets, laptops, and smartphones as well.


Footmouse provides relief people suffering from neck pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and injuries to the hands and wrists as the user can control the mice cursor using their feet. It works just like the traditional ones and the only difference is that it is typically larger than traditional mice.


It is also known as wheel mouse, Microsoft mouse, or scroll mouse. It has a wheel in between the left and right buttons enabling the user to scroll a web page or file. It was first developed by Microsoft in 1996.

Guide to buy mouse online:

Of course, the device is an integral part of computing system, but, there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration before buying a mouse. Let’s check out what are those factors:

Wired or wireless?

It is a key factor to consider while deciding which one to buy; though, what you prefer is completely a matter of your choice and preference. Wired mouse comparatively offer more value for money than wireless one and also saves the perils of finding new batteries every now and then. On the other hand, if you want a portable mouse, you can opt for a wireless mouse.

Laser or optical?

While an optical sensor is best for everyday internet browsing and office word processing or spreadsheet applications due to its great reliability and accuracy; the laser mouse is featured with advanced technology, which significantly improves accuracy of the work such as gaming and graphic designing.


Understanding the factors are essentially important, but, there are also additional functions that needs to be considered to take home a good mouse such as a silent clicking is a great choice for office works.


Possibly the most vital aspect of any computer peripheral is its easiness of use, and when it comes to mice, it is always important to look for comfort level. Ergonomics in mice are significant because they can help prevent recurring stress injuries. Conversely, it is not a one-size-fits-all trait, and just because a manufacturer claims, it is not important that it meets your expecting comfort level.