Buy Mobile Power bank 10000mah Online in India

Buy Mobile Power bank 10000mah Online in India
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Sony Power Bank (4700mAH)
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Remaining socially updated is quite easy with the help of vital accessories like power banks. Furthermore, in case you are a regular traveler, a power bank is absolute much needed gadget for you. It will guarantee that you will never come up short on battery and in this way, will reduce your pressure even while your mobile is running on low charge. The Power bank gadget comes in higher configuration and variations, particularly to suit the necessities of the user. Mobile Power banks come up with high power capacity and with the unit limit of 1000mA to 2000mA or much more. These gadgets arrive in a limited and robust structure, which isn’t just exceptionally appealing, yet simple to convey also. This gadget would bring life into your mobile back. Power banks give an amazing online facility for customer and advanced features. As per your necessities, you can look at globally reputed company’s power banks from  Huawei, Samsung, Sony, XOLO, Intex, Lenovo, OnePlus, Asus and more on Promoscode.

As the smartphone users are increasing day-by-day, the demands for mobile power bank are also rising. Constant use of smartphones makes them quickly run out of the battery, users are fond of heavy battery usage apps like Facebook, pokemonGo, Tinder, and more; for that reasons, power banks are essentially found very helpful to the smartphone users. Portable power banks are composed of special battery with special circuit that controls power flow. Thus, a power bank can be termed as a portable mobile charger that is designed to bring convenience of wireless mobile charging. Apart from mobile, power banks can also be used for recharging tablets, smartphones, cameras, portable speakers, and even laptops. However, the devices can vary in terms of their capacity, quantity, size, and output.

Enjoy Continue Service of Mobiles

Whether it is to keep in contact with your friends on WhatsApp, update status on Facebook or tune in to music while travelling, practically everybody nowadays are used to with their mobiles. So your mobile battery will get lower and lower with every passing second. With the invention of power bank chargers, mobiles would now be able to be charged quickly without need of traditional charging point. Promoscode has an extensive variety of power banks deals on the site. These power banks arrive in various types of shapes, sizes and plans. They additionally offer Varity as far as their capacity is concern. Purchasing these power banks online will free you from the tiring visits to the nearby mobile shops.

How mobile power bank works?]

Power banks are getting extremely popular among the gadgets and devices market segment. It is a smarter and versatile tool to keep the smartphone access for longer time. But, most of us are curious to know that how the device works? So, here is the answer to it.


Mobile power banks are comprised of a battery in a special case. The circuit of the battery controls power flow to the device that stores the electrical energy in the battery of power bank and then, the energy is used for charging other compatible devices like smartphones, tablets, music players, portable speakers, and laptops, depending on the size of power bank battery.

Factors that make the device work are:

Battery size – Mobile bank is a compact device that enables quick charging to other compatible devices. Portable chargers, though, are distinguished by their battery size. Commonly, every portable charger comes in different battery size; larger the battery, higher the recharge cycles. For example, 3500mAh battery may charge a smartphone only once, while a 27000mAh battery can charge a smartphone for maximum up to 8 times.

Output – Portable charger that charges 1 amp can be used with 1A output charger and is supposed to charge the compatible device at average speed and within a standard time. On the other hand, a portable charger with 1A output will charge an iPad in twice the average time because an iPad needs 2amps charger to recharge the battery. Thus, it is essential to consider the device’s output with the compatible device before making a final purchase.

Input – On the other hand, input refers to charging speed of the power bank itself.

Benefits of mobile power banks

  • Charge when the phone runs out of battery – Constant heavy usage of battery consuming apps makes the phone quickly run out of the battery, and this is something that makes portable charger a must have device to charge the phone or other compatible device’s battery quickly without missing out their access.
  • Portable – This is a convenient and easily portable device, thus, users can carry the mobile power bank anywhere and everywhere they go. This portable device fits well in the pockets without demanding for any special case.
  • Amazing designs – Power banks come in amazingly attractive designs that help the user to stand out of the crowd.
  • Multiple sockets – Latest mobile bank models offers multiple sockets, so that, multiple devices can be charged simultaneously. Thus, it is a device you can call at once.
  • All brand compatibility – Mobile bank chargers are compatible to every device and thus, the device is not a brand specific.

Types of mobile bank charger:

Universal power bank – Universal power bank comes in varied sizes and configurations that can picked according to particular device’s requirement and user’s budget.

Solar charged power bank – Such devices come with photovoltaic panels that charge the power bank faster than usual when placed in sunlight. The devices can be also charged via cable.

Battery phone cases – This is usually the older style of power banks. While such mobile power banks come handy, their device compatibility is restricted to the mobile phones only.