Buy Home theater System 2.1-5.1 Home theater

Buy Home theater System 2.1-5.1 Home theater
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Mini Boom Box Tower Speaker
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Home Theater Speaker

If you wish to create the intense silver screen quality sound and video in your lounge room, put resources into an awesome home theater system. With highlights, for example, HDMI out, encompass sound, HD sound and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, you can appreciate sound quality more than ever. Shop for home theater system from top brands at the best costs at promosocde.

If you need a genuine theater-like involvement, at that point consider tower speakers. Floor-standing speakers, with their vast acoustic effect, creates major  impacts which give a theater-like feel at home while watching films and playing computer games. Another vital thing to remember while purchasing home theater speakers is the place you to put them. Consider the format and state of your room. Look for best location on where the speakers look great and how they ought to be set to get the best outcomes.

Are you looking to upgrade your audio and video system in the house? Or are you setting up for the first time? Do you find it difficult to buy best home theatre system with best audio and video quality and within your budget? Here is a simple guide to it; but, before moving ahead, it is important to know about the system you are planning to buy.

High quality surround sound system can turn your house into a home theatre and this is what a home theatre system does. Without having this amazing system, it is hard to enjoy the highest audio experience of your favorite show or movie intended by modern-day filmmakers. Sure, your high-definition TV is having good surround, but, still, it cannot be as good as the sound of a home theatre system.

Undoubtedly, movie soundtracks are dynamically linked with high volume capability, which increases the necessity for home theatre over music-oriented systems. While music-oriented system focuses on the sound quality along, home theatre combines a perfect balance of audio and video quality and synchronizes video quality with onscreen actions, in order to deliver best picture experience. Therefore, most home theaters are dual purpose by completing the need of music system as well. But, before making the final call, it is important to consider certain aspects and factors of the system; such as:

Speaker set up

While most of the basic home theatre system would have a 5.1 speaker set up, it is best to take the aural experience to next level by opting for 6.1, 7.1, 9.1, or 11.1 speaker setup and turn your house into a real mini theatre. Let’s understand the speaker set up system by taking an example.

In a 7.1 speaker setup, there is a set of 5 speakers. Of which, two speakers are placed on each side of the television set for peak level of playback music experience. Third one is placed at the centre or right above the display unit to relay audio tracks; and the last two are placed on the rear side of seating space for ambient sound effects. The set up will make you live the movie with best sound effects.

Audio/video receivers

The heart of home theatre system relies in audio and video signal receivers from sources like DTH connection and Blu-ray player. The receiver signal decodes, amplifies, and splits the audio output to constitute your HT system. Here are certain things you need to keep in mind while purchasing home theatre system online.

Audio/video format – Most amplifiers available in the market supports Dolby Pro Logic IIX, Dolby Digital, and DTS technology to enhance the surrounding sound quality and experience. In order to get the high definition audio quality, it is ideal to opt for amplifier that supports the advanced HD audio formats like Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, and DTS HD Master Audio. These advanced formats assure the sound quality as good as the original recording.

Channels – If you already have an amplifier supporting 5.1 speaker set up, it’s high time to upgrade to an amplifier supporting 7.1 channel system. The setup will let the system to decode and playback surround sound of movie audio tracks in a 7.1 speaker setup. This will enhance the overall cinema experience.

Upscaling – If you want to prefer high definition audio video system, it is best to opt for an amplifier to upscale your videos to HDMI. In general, the amplifier will upscale or upgrade a non-HD content sourced from DVDs or CDs and play it in high definition resolution on the display system.

Inputs and outputs – In addition, an amplifier of home theatre system should have multiple ports to connect other input and output devices; and come with a variety of cables required to connect the devices.


Definitely, the role of cables cannot be dominated as about 10% of the total cost of HT system goes on the cables. Their role is more than connecting systems; their material, length, and thickness actually determine how efficient they are to transmit power, video, and audio from one system to another.

Also, it is important to look for cable’s thickness or cable gauge because lower the cable gauge, the better is the capacity to transmit audio signal to the systems. Expressed in American Wire Gauge, a 16 AWG is an ideal size for setting a mini theatre system.

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Top 10 Home theatre systems and price in India:

  • Yamaha YHT-196 – starting from Rs. 25,000
  • Sony BDVE4100.CEL – Starting from Rs. 29,000
  • Philips HTB5520 – Starting from Rs. 21,000
  • Bose CineMate 15 – Starting from Rs. 51,000
  • Sony BDV-E3200 – Starting from Rs. 26,000
  • Philips HTB5580/94 – Starting from Rs. 30,000
  • Sony HT-IV300//M E12 – Starting from Rs. 21,000
  • Sony BDVN7200W/BME12 – Starting from Rs. 45,000
  • Sony HT-CT390 – Starting from Rs. 25,000
  • Harman Kardon SABRE SB35 – Starting from Rs. 75,000