Buy All in One Pcs and Desktops at Best Prices

Buy All in One Pcs and Desktops at Best Prices
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Lenovo Dual Core PC (19.5 Inch Screen)
Offer: 18% OFF
No Cost EMI

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HP APU Quad Core PC (19.5 Inch Screen)
Offer: 24% OFF
No Cost EMI

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HP PC (Core i3, 6th Gen, 19.5 Inch Screen)
Offer: 2% OFF
No Cost EMI

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Lenovo Pentium Quad Core (19.5 Inch Screen)
Offer: 13% OFF
Extra 5% OFF

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Apple Core i5, 5th Gen (21.5 Inch)
Offer: 11% OFF
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Apple PC (Core i5, 5th Gen, 21.5 Inch)
Offer: 5% OFF
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Desktop is one of the most valuable part of computer system. In market several types of facility offering desktop is available and user can choose best among them to get better picture quality. It will boost the interest of operating device for longer duration.

From traditional monitors to modern all-in-one PCs and Desktops, computer has become a necessity of every household. There are several desktop computer models that are available in the market to meet every specific need of the users from gaming to business and entertainment.

  • Performance desktops with high horsepower for professionals and gamers
  • Sleek and stylishly designed desktops for business, gaming, and entertainment purposes
  • Budget PCs and desktops delivering complete value for money without compromising on performance
  • Groundbreaking compact desktop for home and offices

So, if you too are planning to get all new modern PCs and desktop featured with great performance and processor, then this guide may help you to find the best PC within your budget. There are certain things to look after before purchasing a modern desktop. Therefore, check out the factors before calling a final purchase.

Buy PCs Online

  1. First of all explore the offer page.
  2. Now choose the best model from available product list.
  3. Read the complete configuration and details about that product.
  4. Add the product in shopping cart.
  5. Now enter the complete shipping address.
  6. It’s time to pay the amount by choosing the payment option among debit/credit card, digital wallet, UPI or you can choose COD (cash on delivery).
  7. After the confirmation of  payment respective company will deliver product at registered shipping address.


Choosing the right processor is little difficult today as the technology is advancing by each passing day. It is really a tough choice between AMD and Intel processor. AMD is better for efficiency and budget; while Intel is better in terms of performance. The difference can be identified in how many cores are there in the processor and what is its relative speed. Now, each company has a performance rating system that helps the customers to easily compare the processor with other companies and get the best one.

Memory (RAM)

Memory actually speed ups the performance of the system. Thus, it is best to look for all-in-one PCs and desktops featuring at least 8GB of RAM; but, if you are looking for long-term performance, opt for 16GB RAM instead.

Hard drives

Most desktop computers rely on storage and modern systems now features solid state drives for storage or caching. Hard drives actually boost up the speed, storage, and performance of the system. While buying a PC desktop, it is best to opt for 1TB or more storage space to get the high speed and performance of the system. Most systems operate at 7200rpm; whereas, other relies on higher speed drivers.

Optical drives

Every desktop computer is equipped with a DVD burner, though, they are not much required as earlier. A desktop system should offer at least 8x speeds. Blu-ray is another option to enable high-definition video format.

Video cards

Video card technology is advancing every six months. If you have no connection with animation and 3D graphics then integrated graphics is just fine. A video card is likely to consider for those planning to buy all-in-one desktop computer for gaming and accelerating non-3D tasks. Factors to look after include memory card storage, performance, external connecting ports, and supported version of DirectX. If you are looking for a gaming desktop, consider a DirectX 11 card having at least 2GB by-default memory onboard.

External connecting port

Many all-in-one PC and desktop systems are upgraded to enable external interfaces without affecting the performance. Check for the number and type of available external ports. There are different high-speed peripheral connectors featured to the modern desktop systems. It is best to opt for a system having at least 6 external connecting ports.

Monitor screen

A desktop system is of no use until it is connected to a monitor screen. Of course, if you opt for all-in-one computer system, it comes with an in-built monitor, but, still screen traits need to be taken into consideration. Today, all monitors are based on LCD technology, but, what the matter of concern is the size of the screen and price of computer system. Some other factors that affect the decision include color ratio, pixels per inch, and graphics work.