Behrouz Biryani – Get Latest Behrouz Biryani Coupon Code, Behrouz Offers

Behrouz Biryani – Get Latest Behrouz Biryani Coupon Code, Behrouz Offers
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Last Updated: 22-May-19

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Behrouz Biryani Promos Code


The western part of the country stands up for delicious variety of Biryani, a hearty combination of strong flavors and spices. The Khojas and Boris community of Muslims kept the tradition of cooking Biryani alive. However, over the decades, the Biryani culture modified and today, there are lots of variety served for tasty Biryani. Behrouz Biryani is the destination to try variety of Biryanis. Who doesn’t love a bowl full of biryani flavors? Today, it really needs no introduction. It is widely believed that Mughals were the first to introduce this dish of rice in North India and Arabs exposed it in South India. Well, the aromatic flavors of the dish are not just loved in the country, but, are one of the favorite tastes across the globe. Since the northern part of the country is inhabited by vegetarian communities, the area successfully experimented with vegetarian flavors.

Why visit Behrouz Biryani website?

Well, if you wish to explore the exquisite menu laid in a stunningly designed site, covering all the historic chapters of Behrouz, then this is the perfect destination. The historical stories are presented in a much interesting way over a plate of fragrant Biryani. The name is inspired by the name of an ancient city, Behrouz, which was known for flavorful biryani preparations. The biryani house brings the original taste and flavor of the dish. Also, you can apply different promos code to avail exclusive deals and discounts on your orders. Coupons can make the whole food ordering experience unmatched. There are a lot of varieties served under the roof including Zaikedaar Paneer, Lazeez Murgh, Murgh Keema, Dum Gosht, Murgh Makhani, Murgh Tikka, Lazeez Bhuna Murgh, and Murgh Angaare Koobideh. So, whether planning to throw a party to your friends or wish to try some delicious meal, Behrouz Biryani is the only name.

Lucknowi biryani

Lucknow is known as the city of Nawabs and Lucknowi biryani is for its cooking techniques. Despite fewer amounts of spices, the taste of this dish is remarkably delicious. There are different types of varieties served including Lucknowi Awadhi Mutton biryani, Lucknowi Murgh biryani, Lucknowi mutton biryani, Lucknowi chicken biryani, and Lucknowi dum Gosht biryani. The cooking style and technique are inspired by Mughals.

Hyderabadi biryani


Hyderabad is the land of the Nizams. From kids to adults, Hyderabadi biryani has a massive fan following due to its rich spices and flavors. Slow fire cooking technique is used where the dish is kept on slow fire to boost a fragrant and aromatic flavor. The delicious meal is made with basmati rice and lamb meat or chicken are cooked along with it. Once cooked, it is served with yogurt and onions. There are two different types of biryani: Kachchi biryani and pakki biryani along with their own individual cooking method and style. Basically, it is a blend of the original Mughlai style and is the favorite cuisine across the country.

Kolkata biryani

The city of Nawabs – Lucknow was exiled in Kolkata after the year 1857 and during days of exile, the region faced scarce of meat, so they started cooking biryani with added potatoes. That is the reason why Kolkata biryani contains potatoes along with meat. So, this delicious meal is for those who love to potatoes and meat both, and it has rich taste and flavor of spices. The unique cooking style with much lighter spices and delicious flavors, this yellowish-colored dish makes a yummy difference compare to other styles of biryani.

Malabar biryani

While preparing the dish, meat is fried deeply and minimal amount of spices are added, still the dish is delicious and mouth-watering. Basically, the recipe is inspired from the Malabar regions and coast from Kozhikode, Kannur, Malappuram, and Kasargod.

Bombay biryani

Bombay has its own distinct flavors and tastes. Bombay biryani is known for its perfect combination of delightful spices and excellent flavors. The basic ingredients added to the dish are rice, meat, onions, gingers, and garlic and served hot with yogurt.

Sindhi biryani

It is loaded with lots of curd and this is what sets it different from other biryani recipes. The spices are kept to the minimum, but, still it tastes delicious.

Menu served at Behrouz Biryani

Starting from the range of biryani servings to kebabs, beverages, and desserts, Behrouz Biryani has everything to serve you. Check out the delicious menu served at the Behrouz biryani:


Cooked with long grain basmati rice and diced vegetables in dum-pukth style and adding 7 secret spices and garnishing with sabzi khordan, this dish is a perfect solution to fill your empty stomach within your budget. Don’t forget to apply coupon code to get delicious discount on your food order.

Zaikedaar Paneer Biryani

Served with raita and a gulab jamun, this Zaikedaar paneer biryani was made on Queen’s demand. The dish was cooked with a special mix of species layered with long grain rice.

Subz – E – Falafel Biryani

Layered with fresh and chopped vegetables and falafel tikkis, subz-e-falafel biryani is cooked with a combination of secret spices to bring that royal taste, flavor, and aroma to pleasure everyone’s taste buds.

Paneer subz biryani


Infused with succulent pieces of spiced paneer and fresh diced vegetables, the dish is layered on the rice and served with extremely delicious flavors.

Murgh Queema kofta biryani

Soft and juicy Keema and murgh kababs are grilled on low heat and are mixed to biryani Masala layered with fried onions and saffron. The dish is served hot with raita and a gulab jamun.

Murgh Makhani Biryani

This dish is cooked in a creamy texture, mild spices, and succulent chicken pieces.

Exclusive Deals and Discounts offered at Behrouz Biryani House

Flat Rs.150 off

Order from the variety of biryani, kebab, desserts, and combos for above Rs.400 and get flat Rs.150 off. However, the offer is only applicable at online orders via Behrouz App or website. It is valid only once per user and applicable for both new and existing users.

Flat Rs.100 off on biryani orders

Grab the mouth-watering chicken, veg, and/or mutton biryani cooked in Bhuna Masala layered with long grain rice. Place orders above Rs.400 and get flat Rs.100 off on biryani orders. No coupon code is required to redeem this deal. However, the offer is not valid for cash on delivery and applicable only once per user.

Up to 20% off on Biryani orders

Grab the deal and get up to 20% discount, maximum up to Rs.100, on ordering variety of biryani available on the store. However, to avail the offer, the minimum order should be of Rs.299.

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